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Anxiety is something many of us deal with, and it seems to be getting more common everywhere. It's that feeling of worry, nervousness, fear, or guilt that can make us think too much, avoid situations, or even give us physical discomfort like butterflies in our stomach or joint pain. It can happen in relationships or situations where we don't feel safe or comfortable. Technology can also add to our anxiety by overwhelming us and making it easier to ignore reality.


While a little anxiety can sometimes be helpful in facing challenges, too much can be harmful. It holds us back from reaching our goals and limits what we can achieve. Examples of different types of anxiety are:

  • Separation anxiety

  • Postpartum anxiety

  • Abusing drugs/withdrawals

  • Panic attacks

  • Anxiety attacks

  • Couple/marriage/relationship anxiety

  • Career anxiety

  • Performance anxiety

  • Social media anxiety

  • Much more


Here at Resilience, we're here to help you understand your anxiety better and figure out what triggers it. Together, we'll work on breaking habits that hold you back and develop healthier habits to manage it effectively. Our aim is to empower you to overcome its hold on you and reach your full potential, and maintain the resilience after you graduate from RCC. 

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