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Krystina Maniu

Clinician, APCC





77564 Country Club

Palm Desert Ca 92211

Lets grow together!

Throughout life we struggle and persevere through the ups and downs. The struggles may not always feel manageable and having a supportive individual may be needed to reflect and explore our needs.


Throughout the therapeutic process I strive to meet ever-changing needs with a supportive and directive plan to continue to growth. Even though setbacks will occur it does not change the fact that we can always learn and grow from different situations and challenges.


My focus and goal are executed through the implementation of different therapeutic techniques that are solution focused and mindful in nature. I hope to build increased confidence, strength, and resilience with each client. Also, my demeaner and personality demonstrates a nonjudgmental environment with realistic and obtainable expectations throughout the therapeutic process.


Inspiring and motivating clients brings me passion and joy along with educating and establishing a supportive foundation for growth. I look forward to continuing to grow with the ever-changing demands of our world and social environment.

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